Can you game on Ati 3300 integrated graphics?

Ati 3300 graphics

In 2008, AMD released the 790GX chipset that included the most powerful integrated GPU at the time – the Ati 3300. Which had nothing to do with my plans. I already had a gaming rig with a socket 939 AMD Opteron 165 cpu, the hugely popular Geforce 8800gt video card, and life was good. But as more demanding games appeared Continue reading

My First PC Build

first pc build

It was late summer 2002 when I finally decided to build my own gaming PC. Up to that point, I had to suffer with a Dell Inspiron 3800 laptop, where I learned the hard way that laptops make crappy gaming machines. Armed with my new-found knowledge, I poured over hardware reviews until I finally settled on components that would give me the most bang for my limited buck. Continue reading