Fix Windows 10 Slow Rename/Delete

When I installed Windows 10 on one of my LGA775 machines, the first thing that immediately annoyed me was that the PC seemed slow and unresponsive. And this was with a 3GHz quad core processor, 8GB RAM, and running off an SSD. Gaming and application performance was ok, and benchmarks returned expected results, but simple tasks like renaming a new folder or deleting items were unbearingly slow. And in fact, when looking at the Task Manager, it showed that Explorer actually became unresponsive for a few seconds when renaming or deleting files.  Continue reading

AOpen MX46-533V: SIS 651 review

AOpen MX46-533V

Recently picked up an inexpensive mATX motherboard for testing AGP graphics cards – the AOpen MX46-533V. The specs are pretty good for its intended purpose – socket 478 for cheap Pentium 4 cpu’s, up to 533MHz FSB support, DDR333 memory support, Universal AGP, and drivers ranging from Windows 98 SE and NT4 to Windows XP. There’s even an integrated graphics unit¬† Continue reading

Can you game on Ati 3300 integrated graphics?

Ati 3300 graphics

In 2008, AMD released the 790GX chipset that included the most powerful integrated GPU at the time – the Ati 3300. Which had nothing to do with my plans. I already had a gaming rig with a socket 939 AMD Opteron 165 cpu, the hugely popular Geforce 8800gt video card, and life was good. But as more demanding games appeared Continue reading